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Environmental Wildlife & Optional

Graphic Plates






Alabama Agriculture, Cattle new Base
Connecticut United We Stand, Olympic, Wildlife Eagle, Wildlife Bobcat

Delaware Elk Foundation
Florida Visit our Lights
Illinois Pets, Route 66

Kenucky Sons of Confederate Veterans
Louisiana Wildlife Turkey, Agriculture, Coastal Conservation
Maryland Animal Friendly, Sons of Confederate Veterans
New York
Specials: National Ski Patrol, Donate Life
Embossed Regionals: Niagara Frontier

Rhode Island Lighthouse Plum Beach








US Format: Appenzell InnerRhoden (AI)

Motorcycles: AI, AR, GL, JU, LU, OW,

all kind of Blue & Brown plates, Agriculture (green) , CD, CC,

front M/C plates from 1934 - 1955

Historic Swiss Plates from 1904 1933

Historic Bicycle plates 1933 Kantons: AI,GE,GL,NW,SH,TI,UR

Temporary plates from the 1960s






Historic Plates from 1920 1955 with Red on Blue Flag

White Motorcycle plates 1968

current Motorcycle, Agriculture, Blue Bases

Bicycle plates from 9488,9491