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                                                     Beschreibung: WhiteShoal Light


                                                      Lighthouse Plates




                     Beschreibung: NC Lighthouse     Beschreibung: North Carolina


                                                                Cape Hatteras Light                                              Cape Lookout Light


                     Beschreibung: Maryland  Thanx Andy            Beschreibung: Morris Island Light


                                                            Turkey Point Light Station                                            Morris Island Light


                                         Beschreibung: MA Nauset Light             


                                                                   Nauset Light                                                               Barnegat Light


                                         Beschreibung: NJ Tucker Island (Lost Light)            Beschreibung: Montauk Light


                                                                     Tucker Island Light                                                        Montauk Light


                                         Beschreibung: OH Lighthouse 1          Beschreibung: Marblehead Light


                                                             Marblehead – first Issue                                         Marblehead – Redesigned


                                         Beschreibung: CT Preserve the Sound          Beschreibung: Virginia


                                                                 Old Saybrook Light                                         Assantique, Cape Henry Lights


                                         Beschreibung: Ohio         Beschreibung: Support the Conservation, Education and Resurch Fund of the Marine & Coastal District of NY


                                                  Marblehead Light – Bicentennial Base                Montauk Lighthouse – Long Island


                     Beschreibung: MI Withe Shoal Lighthouse    Beschreibung: DE Cape Henlopen


                                                                   White Shoal Light                                                  Cape Henlopen Light


                    Beschreibung: Toledo Harbour Light          Beschreibung: WA Admirality Lighthouse


                                                             Toledo Lighthouse                                                       Admiralty Light


                                           Beschreibung: PA Presque Isle         Beschreibung: SC Friend of Hunting Island


                                                                     Presque Isle Light                                               Hunting Island Light


                                               Beschreibung: MS Lighthouse                         Beschreibung: MS Lighthouse m/c


                                                                        Biloxi Lighthouse                                                   Biloxi Lighthouse m/c


                                               Beschreibung: Florida           Beschreibung: NC Ducks Unlimitted


                                                                      A State of Vision                                                  Cape Hatteras Lighthouse


                                                             Beschreibung: GA St


                                                                    Tawas Point Lighthouse                                          St. Simons  Lighthouse



                                                   Beschreibung: Point Bonita Light             Beschreibung: Point Bonita Light


                                                      Point Bonita Lighthouse 1th.  Version                     Point Bonita Lighthouse 2nd. Version


                                                                  Beschreibung: Point Bonita Light Motorcycle                                    Beschreibung: CA Point Bonita Blue Light mc


                                                                                         m/c                                                                                     m/c




                                                                     St. Augustine Light                                                   Plum Beach Light











                                                                                        Beschreibung: Lightkeepers license plate.JPG       Beschreibung: Beautiful Proposed designed of West Quoddy Lighthouse of ALPCA Member Bob Bittner of Maine #880


                                                    Newest Lighthouse plate in Alabama              Beautiful Proposed designed Lighthouse

                                                                                                                                            Plate By Bob Bittner ALPCA # 880






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