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Beschreibung: Yosemite 6







                                    Beschreibung: CA Whale 1th. Issue        Beschreibung: Whale 2th. Issue


                                           Protect our Coast and Ocean                       Protect our Coast and Ocean 2th. Issue


                                              Beschreibung: CA Lake Tahoe            Beschreibung: CA Yosemite National Park


                                                                        Lake Tahoe                                                         Yosemite National Park


                                              Beschreibung: Vanity example of the 1984 Olympics plate, the third option, with no stacked prefix, in used, unstickered condition, probably a front plate.             Beschreibung: Olympic Training Center 2. Issue


                                                                        1984 Olympics                                                    Olympic Training Center


                                               Beschreibung: CA Olympic             Beschreibung: The very rare Bill of Rights plate, the first graphic issued by California, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the US Bill of Rights. Approximately 900 of these plates were issued between 1990 and 1991, existing plates are still valid.  


                                                                      Olympic Spirit                                                   Limited Edition of 900 Sets    


                                                Beschreibung: CA Arts             Beschreibung: Ronald Reagan


                                                                          Art Council                                                                          Prototype


Beschreibung: CA We will never forget


We will never forget